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IPSDI Burundi


Burundi has experienced a difficult economic situation in recent years, which has been marked by macroeconomic imbalances. To compensate for the loss of external resources, there has been an increase in domestic resource mobilization, but this has not been sufficient to meet a continuously rising social demand, driven by sustained population growth. However, knowing that the main activity in Burundi is Agriculture; in its way of contributing, IPSDI BURUNDI works hands in hands directly with the population via the rural cooperatives in order to respond directly to the problem from different Income Generating Activities (IGA), agriculture (rice, soy, maize, etc), and breeding (goats, chicken, rabbits, etc).


IPSDI Burundi provides direct assistance to the population ( rural population) passing through cooperatives creation and assistance. We work also to improve livelihood opportunities for long trm economic WellBeing.


Increasing Food Productions is the first priority through cooperatives Activities:

  • Agriculture,
  • Breeding

Increasing social relation by prioritizing meetings and discussions amoung cooperatives members.

Increasing economical growth through income generating activities (shops, soap making, Tailoring, etc), VSLAs.


KAGWEMA Community Cooperative (COCOKA)

The Kagwema cooperative was created in the year 2015 by IPSDI BURUNDI in the locality of Kagwema II, Gihanga zone, in the province of Bubanza.

Karurama Community Hope Cooperative (KACHOCO)

The Karurama cooperative, Karurama Community Hope Cooperative (KACHOCO) was created in 2017 in the locality of Karurama, Rugombo commune, in the province of Cibitoke

Cooperative of United Members for the Development of Kamakara (COMUDEKA)

The Kamakara cooperative was created in 2020 by IPSDI BURUNDI in the locality of KAMAKARA in the province of Cibitoke.

Mutual Aid Cooperative for the Development of Mukungu (CED MUKUNGU)

The CED MUKUNGU cooperative is a cooperative that was founded in 2022 in Mukungu, Musigati zone, in the province of Bubanza.