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IPSDI Burundi


A child’s right to education entails the right to learn. But, in many underdeveloped countries, schooling does not lead to learning. In the area of education, diverse educational projects in Burundi focused on basic education specifically in primary schools. Key problems affecting primary education include; lack of pedagogic tools, infrastructures, equipment, increased of poverty, etc. which results in high school dropouts and low literacy levels. IPSDI-Burundi offers to rural areas a shared of equal educational opportunities.


The sector faces a host of challenges:

Lack of infastructure following the civil war disruptions, Shortage of teachers (both qualitative and quantitative at all levels),  Low completion rate and such enrolments in secondary and tertiary education are much lower, Inadequate quantitative and qualitative infrastructure and teaching materials, Increase in dropout rates are attributable to the poor quality of infrastructure and to parents’ lack of ressources to meet costs related to educating their children , education at all levels suffers from a lack of qualified teachers.

Our intervention goals

To provide children, youth and adults with safe and quality educational opportunities that help them learn the skills they need to survive and thrive.

Ensure that children aged 0 to 5 develop cognitive and social-emotional skills

  • Supporting parents in providing consistent, nurturing and supportive behaviors towards young children, including engaging in supportive play and learning activities;
  • Providing community resources that help keep young children safe in their homes, schools and communities, and support them when they experience harm.

Ensure that school-aged children develop literacy, numeracy and social-emotional skills

  • Providing teaching and learning materials so teachers and facilitators are equipped to teach meaningful lessons;
  • Ensuring children are healthy and well-nourished in order to learn;

Ensure that children, youth, and adults have regular access to safe and functional education services

  • Supporting and training teachers to establish safe and nurturing educational environments;
  • Removing the barriers that prevent girls from attending school, and ensuring they are safe;

Our actions

Improving school infrastructures in rural areas

IPSDI-Burundi is involved in schools building in rural areas to help vulnerable people including IDPs and Returns population to sharp with children’s lack of school and school dropouts because of high number in class and enhancing the education for all. 

Promoting the enrolment and retention of rural students (especially girls) at school and supporting them with school equipment.

IPSDI-BURUNDI contributes in mobilizing and retaining students (especially girls) at school. Each year many vulnerable students (girls) are impacted by our activities supported by Global Funds for Children (GFC), School materials, hygiene kits (for girls) and rewards are provided each beginning and ending of school year.