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IPSDI Burundi

KAMAKARA COOPERATIVE: Cooperative of United Members for the Development of Kamakara (COMUDEKA)

The Kamakara cooperative was created in 2020 by IPSDI BURUNDI in the locality of KAMAKARA with the aim of contributing positively to the promotion of the socio-economic health of the rural population of Burundi. This cooperative has as its primary objective, the creation of income through various activities.

However, in the agricultural field, the COMUDEKA cooperative cultivates rice, maize, and sweet potatoes. In breeding, COMUDEKA has taken the first step in raising awareness of job creation through the breeding of laying hens for the production of eggs but also the breeding of fish. The members of the cooperative are the first to benefit from the profits made but also the local community benefits indirectly.

It should also be noted that the members of COMUDEKA maintain a social fund to enable them to take out small loans and repay with interest.