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IPSDI Burundi

KARURAMA COOPERATIVE: Karurama Community Hope Cooperative (KACHOCO)

The Karurama cooperative, Karurama Community Hope Cooperative (KACHOCO) was created in 2017 in the locality of Karurama, Rugombo commune, in the province of Cibitoke by IPSDI BURUNDI in its socio-economic empowerment program for rural communities. Its main activities are agriculture, livestock, sewing workshop, and others.

Indeed, in agriculture, rice and maize crops are mainly grown because these are the most common crops in the Imbo plain. Sometimes we even grow soybeans. For breeding, we practice the breeding of laying hens (in order to contribute to the massive increase in food) and goats.

KACHOCO also has a mill that grinds rice, a sewing workshop and a community hall which, all combined, generate income in the co-operative fund.

It should also be noted that many other income-generating activities are carried out in the cooperative.