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IPSDI Burundi

KAGWEMA COOPERATIVE: Cooperative Communautaire de KAGWEMA (COCOKA)

The Kagwema cooperative was created in the year 2015 by IPSDI BURUNDI in the locality of Kagwema II, Gihanga zone, in the province of Bubanza. It operates primarily in agriculture, which is considered the main activity of the said cooperative. It mainly cultivates the cultivation of rice, soybeans, maize and vegetables in large quantities. It operates second in the breeding sector and basically raises goats, chickens, and rabbits; for improving the food safety. Third, the cooperative has other infrastructures that generate regular monthly income such as: A mill, A community hall, A tractor machine, A sewing workshop.
The members of the cooperative contribute monthly to their social fund and this contribution serves as credit between them and generates profits which are distributed among members at the end of each calendar year.