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IPSDI Burundi

Progress and Dynamism of IPSDI Cooperatives: An Inspiring Overview of Current Achievements

We are delighted to share with you the latest developments and noteworthy progress within our partner cooperatives. Each cooperative, through its innovative initiatives, reflects significant strides forward.

COCOKA Cooperative in Kagwema:
In Kagwema, the COCOKA Cooperative stands out with its rabbit farming and the cultivation of corn fields for the current season. Through effective management, the cooperative aims to overcome the challenge of electricity in the region. In the event of a swift resolution, they will be able to reuse their hulling machine, a unique strategic advantage in Kagwema that could secure them a favorable market position.

COMUDEKA Cooperative in Kamakara:
Equipped with fish ponds, the COMUDEKA Cooperative has undertaken leasing fields to cultivate rice and soybeans. The Program Development Manager has suggested a provincial union with the KACHOKO Cooperative in Karurama. This collaboration will allow COMUDEKA to access larger fields, thereby harnessing the agricultural potential of the KACHOKO Cooperative.

CED-Mukungu Cooperative:
The CED-Mukungu Cooperative focuses on improving beekeeping. During the last visit, fruitful discussions with an apiculture expert from the Bubanza province yielded valuable advice and recommendations to optimize this activity.

Currently, the cooperatives believe that their innovative approaches have had a significant impact on their management, and they aspire to further improve their economic outcomes. We eagerly anticipate witnessing promising results from these efforts during the upcoming harvests within these cooperatives.

IPSDI continues to support and guide these initiatives, fostering sustainable socio-economic development within our partner communities. Stay tuned for more updates on our activities and achievements.