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IPSDI Burundi

Commemorating Achievements and Planning for the Future – IPSDI New Year Meeting

At the onset of the new year, a gathering took place at the IPSDI headquarters in Bujumbura, bringing together beneficiaries of IPSDI programs, notably in education and socio-economics. The primary purpose of the meeting was to extend congratulations for the accomplishments demonstrated throughout the past year.

Education Success Stories

Special commendations were extended, particularly to the Director of Choi-Jung Sook Fundamental School in Mukungu, for the outstanding success of 9th-grade students who excelled. As a result of their achievements, these students were awarded scholarships to finance their studies in the final cycle of post-fundamental education. Notably, a few Mukungu girls are now enrolled at the Technical High School for Girls “Choi Jung Sook” in Agro-Food Transformation in Muzinda (LTF “CJS” TAA Muzinda). The Director of LTF “CJS” TAA Muzinda was also recognized for the excellent results of their students in the 2023 state exams. The IPSDI Executive Director expressed gratitude and encouragement, urging all school directors to continue fostering success.

Empowering Schools to Self-Finance

In a significant development, the IPSDI Executive Director encouraged schools, including their leaders, to explore self-financing opportunities by establishing Income-Generating Activities (IGA) within their institutions.

Enhancing Cooperation Between Schools and Communities

The IPSDI Executive Director emphasized the crucial relationship between schools and communities. Cooperative leaders were urged to improve their organizational methods to ensure abundance within schools and communities for a brighter future.

Sharing Challenges, Strategies, and Goals

During the meeting, school directors and cooperative leaders openly discussed the challenges faced in the past year. They shared strategies intended to overcome these challenges in the coming year and presented ambitious goals they aim to achieve.

The meeting concluded with an enriching exchange of ideas, comments, and a positive atmosphere, reflecting the spirit of collaboration and determination among IPSDI beneficiaries for a successful future.