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IPSDI Burundi

Capacity Building for Cooperatives in Modern Administrative and Financial Management

We are excited to share the recent developments in our Socio-Economic program, focusing on enhancing the administrative and financial management capabilities of cooperatives.

Training with the Community Cooperative Facilitator:

During this training session led by the Community Cooperative Facilitator, careful attention was given to the current practices of administrative management within the cooperatives. It was observed that the current methods being employed are not in line with modern standards. In response, the Facilitator strongly recommended adopting new management practices to ensure optimal integration into the new cooperative management approach.

Financial Management Reform:

The training also highlighted gaps in transparency in the financial management of the cooperatives. The Community Cooperative Facilitator emphasized the crucial importance of financial transparency and encouraged cooperatives to establish transparent management practices. This includes the systematic preservation of supporting documents for all expenses and revenues, ensuring complete traceability of financial flows.

Visits to Cooperatives:

As part of this initiative, visits were conducted to various cooperatives, including COCOKA in Kagwema, KACHOKO in Karurama, CED-Mukungu Cooperative, and COMUDEKA ABASANGIRAKIVI Cooperative in Kamakara. These visits contextualized the training insights, encouraging cooperatives to implement these new approaches to administrative and financial management.

Location of Training Sessions:

It’s important to note that these training sessions took place within the premises of each cooperative, with the active participation of cooperative leaders. This approach ensures that the training is tailored to the specific needs and operational context of each cooperative.

This initiative marks a crucial step in our commitment to the sustainable development of cooperatives. We firmly believe that these improvements will strengthen their operational efficiency, contributing to sustainable economic prosperity within our communities.

Stay tuned for more updates on our socio-economic initiatives.

The IPSDI Burundi Team