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IPSDI Burundi

New Cooperative Management Approach: Strengthening Collaboration and Active Member Participation

We are delighted to share a pivotal step in our Socio-Economic program: the implementation of a new cooperative management approach in collaboration with IPSDI Burundi.

The leaders of our partner cooperatives recently convened at the IPSDI Headquarter in Bujumbura, where representatives of our organization introduced the new management approach. The primary objective is to safeguard the cooperative’s assets, ensuring fair utilization for the benefit of all members.

During this meeting, cooperative leaders had the opportunity to sign partnership agreements with IPSDI Burundi. These agreements formalize a mutual commitment to cooperative management aimed at safeguarding cooperative assets for collective benefit. The signed agreements, symbolizing a new chapter of collaboration, come into effect as of 28/09/2023. This date marks the beginning of an era where collaborative management and active member participation lie at the core of our shared concerns.

Following the signing of the agreements, our team, alongside the Executive Director, embarked on visits to partner cooperatives to directly explain the new approach to members. We encourage each member to carefully read and sign the agreements dedicated to members, thus establishing clear commitments between the cooperative and IPSDI.

This initiative aims to enhance collaboration, collective responsibility, and foster more efficient management within our partner cooperatives, contributing to sustainable socio-economic development.