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IPSDI Burundi


IPSDI Burundi delegation (Executive Director and the program coordinator) visited Wanju Town where Hansalim cooperative confederation begun official its activities in 1987. This mouvement of farmers, producers and consumers is well organised and has more than 250 stores around the country (In Wanju Town, 4 stores) and more than 120 stores in metropolitain Seoul.

Hansalim has expanded his activities at 4.5millions dollars of income per year. It has 870,000 actives Members.

Through the strengthen of Community cooperatives mouvements focusing on organic farming and natural processing without sugar or other chemical. Bio farming and eco-friendly. The solidarity and cooperation through in unit and Care.
This Hansalim federation is also championing in climate crises through the promotion of organic agriculture and sustainable farming.

The structure of Hansalim  relevant in the way of connecting farmers, producers and consumers associations. Consumers are sponsoring the Hansalim stores and other sustainable projects.